Economy Storage Sheds

Here at Rabers, we are constantly coming up with new innovations to better serve our customers. Our sales team's main goal is to help our customers make an informed purchasing choice to solve their storage needs. Feel free to drop in at any of our sales locations or give us a call today.

These Economy Units are a very popular style to fit any budget, and are strong enough for most applications. Although they aren't quite as customizable as their cousin storage-buildings, the Economy Units still include the favorite standard roll-door. The Bargain Barns, on the other hand, have swinging metal doors. Even though these units don't have the 40-year metal warranty, they still include the 5-year Raber warranty

The Economy Units Include:

Sizes available 8x12-10x12-10x16-12x16-12x20

  • Pressure treated 4x6 skids.
  • Treated 3/4" floor.
  • The treated joist are 16" on centers.
  • The metal is a #2 grade. (no blemishes)
  • Steel gusset plates on the trusses.
  • Single bubble moister barrier under the roof.
  • A standard roll-door.

Our Bargain Series Includes:

Sizes available in available in 8x8 and 8x10

  • Treated 4x4 skids
  • The joist are 12" on centers.
  • Has 1/2" plywood floor (CDX)
  • A basic 42" swinging door. (great for push mowers)
  • Single bubble moister barrier under the roof.


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Design your own economy shed
Design your own economy shed

Make your shed perfect with our easy 3D builder.

Metal Economy Shed

This is a 10x16 metal economy shed with 5' wide roll-door.

Priced at $2,149

Payments only $101.48 per month.

Bargain Series

This 8x10 Bargain barn is great for your push mower and garden tools.

Priced at $1,095.

Payments only $54.75 per month.

Metal economy

This 10x12 metal economy unit has optional gable vents for air flow.

Price is $1,749.

Payments for only $82.59

Large metal economy

A 12x20 Metal economy unit pictured in charcoal/white.

Priced at $2,849

Payments are $134.54 per month

8x12 Metal Economy

Do you have a small yard or live in a trailer park?

This is  8x12 metal economy will store your mower and lawn equipment.

Pictured in stone with clay trim.

Only $1,649.

Payments are only $77.87 per month.

Priced without the optional ramp.

Metal l Economy Shed

Get your garden tiller out of the weather today.

Pictured a 10x16 metal economy building.

Priced at $2,149

Payments at $101.48 per month.

Bargain Barn Interior

Interior of 8x10 Bargain barn.

Lawn and Garden Storage

Need some storage for your hunting an fishing supplies?

Check out this 12x16 economy unit.

Barn Barn

If you have a small yard without much stuff this 8x10 shed would be a perfect fit.

Priced at $1,095