Garden Sheds

If you don’t like the look of a lofted style roof, the garden shed series is for you. Many love the steeper roof pitch. Choose either Painted LP Smart siding or traditional vinyl siding, with either a shingle roof or 40-year metal. The design options are endless. These are popular to be able to match the style of an existing house roof. We can fit your needs the multiple door and window styles available.

Are you tired of all the clutter under your patio or in your garage? This garden shed series can fix your problem. These garden sheds would look great beside your pool or in your backyard for either lawn and garden tools and or pool equipment. Garden sheds are truly a multifunctional unit.

You can greatly enhance the usability by adding shelving, workbench with pegboard, and a ramp. To greatly improves the cosmetic side of the shed add a cupola and shudders.

With the volatility of the Indiana weather, don’t wait any longer give us a call today for you free storage consultation.

We will work with you to solve your storage issues, we want to help you reclaim your garage.

  • Have many uses including pool house, lawn and garden storage, or store tools.
  • Available in metal or shingle roofs.
  • Painted Smart siding, vinyl siding, or metal siding, for comparison, check our designing your shed page.
  • Can be customized with cupolas and weather vanes.
  • Great to match your home.
  • Include Dutch barn doors OR fiberglass doors.
  • Great for with the organizer packet.
  • Add extra windows and doors.
  • Many sizes and style available.
  • Check out our easy payment options.

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Design your own garden shed
Design your own garden shed

Make your shed perfect with our easy 3D builder.


Natural Urethane Finish

Check out our new urethane finish garden shed with 2 windows and a metal roof.

Has a treated ramp for your mower our ATV.


Urethane garden shed

10x12 Garden Shed.

Lp Smart siding with cedar urethane.

Want the traditional wood look without the fading a flaking ask about the many different color options available.


Tired of the wet mess from swimming in your house?

This pool house would be a great solution.

Store your filter accessories and toys today.

Example Garden Sheds

10×16 Garden shed with dutch doors.

Priced at only $3,595

12×16 Vinyl Garden shed with shutters.

This beautiful garden shed is only $3,995

Please call 812-486-2555 today.

12x24 Garden Shed

This is a large 12x24 garden shed with a 40-year metal roof.

Priced at $4,995 plus the optional ramp.

12 x 16 Vinyl garden shed.

Would this unit look good in your backyard?

12×16 priced at $3,995

Low monthly payment of $188.65

Cottage style garden shed with metal sides and roof.

A cottage style garden shed with metal sides and roof.

This unit is pictured in a 10×16 for only $3,595

This unit can be built with any color combination call us today.

Vinyl Garden Shed with Vinyl Siding.

This 10×12 including delivery within 50 miles of any of our locations is only $2,895

Shed with vinyl siding and shingle roof.

Vinyl siding and shingle roof.

Rent To Own for only $136.71 per month.