Horse Barns & Run-In Sheds

If you are a hobby rider or a serious trainer, these flexible horse barns would work great for you. We have many options including simple run-in sheds and 2-4 stall units. Upgrade to a deluxe and get a tack room to store your valuable saddles and bridles. We can center the tack room between 2 stalls and have a swing-out grain and hay feeder. Want to move to a different pasture? These units are portable and can be easily moved! Don't see exactly what you were thinking? We can customize any barn to fit your needs.

We offer rent-to-own on these units. Small deposit required. Please contact us today to get started.

Horse Barn Features

The following are some of the top features of our horse barns:

  • 1′ overhang on the front of building for extra rain protection.
  • 4' high oak kickboard on the interior.
  • Swinging Dutch doors.
  • Standard with sliding doors with steel bars.
  • Optional steel bars for partition walls.
  • Optional tack room.
  • Easy swing-out hay feeders.
  • Rent-to-own available.
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Rent to Own
Two stalled barn with optional tack room
Two stalls with tack room

10×26  $3,995

10×30  $4,795

10×36  $5,295

Please call 812-486-2555 today!

10×36 Deluxe Horse barn

This is a deluxe 3 stall horse barn and 8' tack room with extra double doors for added width.

This 10x36 unit is priced at $5,295.

Rent To Own Available.

Inside of a horse barn

Interior of horse barn with hardwood kickboards.

Two stall horse barn with tack room

Includes 4′ high kickboard and Dutch barn doors.

deluxe horse barn with 3 stalls and a tack room

Deluxe horse barn with 3 stalls and a tack room. Custom builds available.

Hay Manger and Feeder

Maintenance-free hay manger and feeder.

2 Stall horse barn


10×20 2 stalls only $3,295.

This unit is the standard package with slider doors with steel bars.

3 Stall Horse Barn

3 stall horse barn shown in white with red roof and trim. Sells for $3,995.

Monthly payments available for only $199.75.

Open horse shelter

Priced at only $2,695.

Monthly payments are $134.75.

Deluxe horse barn with 4′ overhang

These work great to get your horse outside and saddle up underneath the overhang.

These aren’t available in Rent To Own.